ROBOTICS - vision
The Adept SmartVision™ EX
The Adept SmartVision™ EX is a high-performance vision processor that supports a wide array of vision applications, such as machine vision, conveyor tracking and robot guidance, within a single box. Boasting a form factor based on Adept’s ultra-compact SmartController™ portfolio, the SmartVision EX seamlessly integrates with Adept’s hardware and software products, or it can be used as a standalone vision-inspection station.

Out-of-the-box, the SmartVision EX vision processor has embedded support for: IEEE-1394 and GigE cameras; Adept’s PC-based vision software, AdeptSight™; as well as Adept’s fully-integrated application-development environment, Adept ACE™.

Product Features

•High-performance, compact and scalable machine-vision processor
•Seamless connectivity to the SmartController product line
•Supports conveyor-tracking and robot-guidance applications
•Standard solutions for hundreds of applications
•Dedicated, multi-channel image acquisition
•Software and licenses are pre-loaded


•Fast application development and deployment
•Single-source for all machine-vision application development
•Faster vision-response time
•Common software-development environment