AdeptSight™ is an easy-to-use, standalone vision guidance and inspection package that runs on a PC, and comes complete with all the necessary hardware and accessories. The software includes a powerful framework that can be used to develop customized vision guidance and inspection applications. Its simple graphical user interface allows you to quickly develop robust and accurate vision applications.

Now you can add vision capabilities that will help you deal with smaller parts and tighter tolerances, and achieve higher quality products, without the need for complex programming or additional development tools. Thanks to its robust vision algorithms that are tolerant to poor lighting, noise, and occlusions, AdeptSight simplifies deployment in difficult conditions.

Product Features

•Fast, Accurate Parts Location
•Automatic model-teaching and fully editable models
•Advanced Inspection Capabilities
•Results filtering tool simplifies setup of Pass-Fail inspection applications
Vision Guidance and Calibration
•Application Development
•Conveyor Tracking
•Complete Vision Guided Robot System


•AdeptSight software
•FireWire camera, 640 x 480 or 1392 x 1040, with 16 mm lens
•Camera mounting kit
•FireWire cable (10m)