Six-Axis Robot - Adept Viper s1300
The Adept Viper™ s1300 six-axis robot is an extended-reach and higher-payload version of the Adept Viper s650 and Adept Viper s850 six-axis robots. The Adept Viper six-axis robot family is a high-performance line of six-axis robots designed specifically for assembly applications. The speed and precision of the Adept Viper six-axis robots also make them ideal for material handling, packaging, machine tending, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation.

Product Features

•Extended reach with 10 kg (max.) payload
•V+ real-time multitasking operating system
•Programming software AdeptWindows or Adept Desktop
•SmartServo™ controls ensure superior path following and control
•AdeptVision™ provides added flexibility and lowers integration costs
•High-efficiency motors deliver high performance with more torque per amp
•Absolute encoders make for easy calibration
•High-resolution encoders provide high-precision and superior slow-speed performance
•Complete interchangeability between robots and controllers


•Ensures system reliability and high production uptime
•Increases productivity
•Enables higher product mix and changeover
•Reduces integration costs
•Accelerates time to market
•Provides increased flexibility and accuracy