SCARA Robot - Adept Cobra s600
The Adept Cobra™ s600 SCARA robot (4-axis robot) is an affordable, high-performance robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation. The Adept Cobra s600 SCARA 4-axis robot offers maximum flexibility and cost-saving expansion capabilities that are only available with the Adept SmartServo architecture. The Adept Cobra s-series SCARA robots support high-performance options, including conveyor tracking, vision guided motion.

Product Features

The Adept Cobra s600 SCARA 4-axis robot features:

•Absolute encoders make for easy calibration
•High-resolution encoders provide high precision and superior slow-speed following
•SmartServo™ controls ensure superior path following and control
•High-efficiency motors deliver high performance with more torque per amp
•8 kHz servo update rate for improved path following and control
•Low-inertia harmonic drives provide maximum acceleration
•Diagnostics display on robot enables faster troubleshooting
•Integrated temperature sensors monitor heat in servo motors to prevent damage


The Adept Cobra s600 SCARA 4-axis robot provides:

•Ensures system reliability and high production uptime
•Increases productivity
•Enables higher product mix and changeover
•Reduces integration costs
•Accelerates time to market
•Provides increased flexibility and accuracy