SCARA Robot - Adept Cobra i800
The Adept Cobra™ i800 SCARA robot is an extended reach version of the Adept Cobra i600 robot, offering the same payload and performance at an affordable price. It is designed for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screwdriving, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation.
With no external electronics, the Adept Cobra i-series is the only line of self-contained, standalone SCARA 4 axis robots.

Product Features

•Built-in electronics - the amplifiers and motion controller are built into the robot arm, dramatically simplifying the system installation
•MicroV+ real-time operating system and easy-to-use programming language
•Diagnostics display on robot enables faster troubleshooting
•Adept Desktop software on CD for programming
•Absolute encoders make for easy calibration
•High-resolution encoders provide high-precision and superior slow-speed following
•High-efficiency motors deliver high performance with more torque per amp


•Straight forward installation -
Supply power and air, attach E-Stop, tooling
•Easy to Program -
Connect PC to robot to program using MicroV+™
•Fast and reliable
•Reduces integration costs
•Accelerates time to market
•Provides increased flexibility and accuracy