SCARA Robot - Adept Cobra i600
The Adept Cobra™ i600 SCARA robot is an affordable, high-performance robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and many other operations requiring fast and precise automation. With no external electronics, the Adept Cobra i-series is the only line of self-contained, standalone SCARA 4 axis robots.

Product Features

• Built-in electronics - the amplifiers and motion controller are built into the robot arm, dramatically simplifying the system installation
• MicroV+ real-time operating system and easy-to-use programming language
• Diagnostics display on robot enables faster troubleshooting
• Adept Desktop software on CD for programming
• Absolute encoders make for easy calibration
• High-resolution encoders provide high-precision and superior slow-speed following
• High-efficiency motors deliver high performance with more torque per amp


• Straight forward installation - Supply power and air, attach E-Stop, tooling
• Easy to program - Connect PC to robot to program using MicroV+™
• Fast and reliable
• Reduces integration costs
• Accelerates time to market
• Provides increased flexibility and accuracy