Industrial Robots (SCARA, Six-Axis, Parallel, Linear Modules)

For over 25 years, Adept has been an industry leader in the development of innovative and powerful industrial robots for high-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging, and factory automation. Adept's industrial robot innovations continue with its expansive line of Cobra SCARA robots, Viper six-axis (articulated) robots, Quattro parallel robots, and Python linear modules (Cartesian robots).
Cobra SCARA Robots
Quattro Parallel Robots
In 1984, Adept introduced the world's first direct-drive SCARA robot. Adept's SCARA robot innovations continue today with the Cobra i-series and s-series SCARA robots. With sizes from 350mm to 850mm, table-top and inverted configurations, and vision guidance options, Adept has a SCARA robot that will meet your most demanding manufacturing and packaging challenges.

| Cobra s350 | Cobra i600 | Cobra s600 | Cobra i800 | Cobra s800 | Cobra s800 Inverted |
The Adept Quattro parallel robot is the continuation of Adeptís market-leading position in high-speed manufacturing, packaging and assembly robots. The Quattro boasts a four-arm "parallel" design that is specifically engineered for high-speed manufacturing, packaging and assembly applications.

| Quattro s650H |
Python Linear Modules
Viper Six-Axis Robots
Adept Viper six-axis robots continue Adept's tradition of proven performance and precision. The Adept Viper articulated (6-axis) robots are Adept's latest offering in a six-axis robot configuration. The Adept Viper six-axis robot family is a high-performance line of articulated (6-axis) robots designed specifically for assembly applications.

| Viper s650 | Viper s850 | Viper s1300 | Viper s1700 |
Adept Python linear modules are engineered for assembly and material-handling applications. Their unique design features make them the most robust linear modules for gantry or cantilever configurations. With multiple linear module types and lengths to choose from, Adept Python linear modules provide you with the right configuration for your specific application.

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