Quadrus® MINI Imager

• Decodes/second: up to 10
• Patented Quadrus Technology
• Autofocus
• Optional ESD-safe design

The Quadrus MINI solves a wide range of data tracking and traceability needs across all industries. The 1.3 megapixel imager reads all standard 2D or linear barcodes, plus multiple codes per capture. Dynamic real time autofocus automatically reads different codes, at varying distances, while in motion.

With easy setup, flexible programming, and powerful image processing, the Quadrus MINI is an ideal solution for virtually all barcode applications.

Autofocus:  For real time dynamic autofocus, position the symbol at the center of the field of view, and push the EZ button. The Quadrus MINI automatically adjusts focal distance and sets internal parameters to optimize the symbol.

Megapixel Processing:  Features megapixel processing for reading multiple small, high density codes, long 1D codes, and decoding up to 100 symbols in a single read capture.

Wide Field of View:
  Read symbols as large as 2” (50.8 mm) square as close as 1” (25.4 mm) with diffractive field illumination and optional right angle mirror.

Ease of Use:  The imager includes such user-friendly features as visible performance indicators, ESP® software, and one touch setup and configuration.

Compact Shape/Size:  The Quadrus MINI’s small form factor allows for flexible positioning in tight spaces or mounting into robotic applications.

Quadrus MINI Imagers
Part Number Description
FIS-6300-0001G       Megapixel Imager, Standard Density, Serial, 5VDC
FIS-6300-0002G Megapixel Imager, High Density, Serial, 5VDC
FIS-6300-0003G Megapixel Imager, Ultra High Density, Serial, 5VDC
FIS-6300-0013G Megapixel Imager, Standard Density, USB+I/O,5VDC
FIS-6300-0014G Megapixel Imager, High Density, USB+I/O,5VDC
FIS-6300-0015G Megapixel Imager, Ultra High Density, USB+I/O,5VDC
Quadrus MINI ESD Safe Imagers
FIS-6300-1001G Quadrus MINI, Standard Density, ESD Safe, RS-232/422/485, 5VDC
FIS-6300-1002G Quadrus MINI, High Density, ESD Safe, RS-232/422/485, 5VDC
FIS-6300-1003G Quadrus MINI, Ultra High Density, ESD Safe, RS-232/422/485, 5VDC
FIS-6300-1004G Quadrus MINI, Standard Density, ESD Safe, USB, 5VDC
FIS-6300-1005G Quadrus MINI, High Density, ESD Safe, USB, 5VDC
FIS-6300-1006G Quadrus MINI, Ultra High Density, ESD Safe, USB, 5VDC


Height: 1” (25.4 mm)  
Width: 1.80” (45.7 mm)
Depth: 2.10” (53.3 mm)  
Weight: 2 oz. (57 g)

Light Source
Type: High output LEDs

Light Collection Options
Progressive scan, square pixel. Software adjustable shutter speed, electronic shutter.
SXGA MINI: 1280 by 1024 pixels

Symbology Types
2D Symbologies: Data Matrix (ECC 0-200), QR Code Stacked Symbologies: PDF417, Micro PDF417, GS1 Databar (Composite & Stacked)
Linear Barcodes: Code 39, Code 128, BC 412, I2 of 5, UPC/EAN, Codabar, Code 93

Read Parameters
Pitch: ±30° Skew: ±30° Tilt: 360°
Decode Rate: Up to 10 decodes per second
Focal Range: 2 to 6” (50.8 to 152.4 mm) (autofocus)

Type: 3 ft. cable terminated with High Density 15-pin D-Sub socket connector or USB Type A connector

Communication Protocols

Standard Interface: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, or USB

GS1 Databar

2D Symbologies


Micro PDF

All standard linear bar codes


• Printed circuit boards
• Electronics assembly
• Assembly line manufacturing
• Component tracking
• Robotics


Part Number Description
FIS-0210-0001G    MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Display
FIS-0210-0002G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box
FIS-0210-0003G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Display and Ethernet
FIS-0210-0004G MS-Connect 210, Connectivity Box with Ethernet
98-000013-04 Relay Module, 120VAC, 3 Amp Output, Series 70, Type SM, for MS-Connect 210 and MS-890
98-000013-05 Relay Module, 240VAC, 3 Amp Output, Series 70, Type SM for MS-Connect 210 and MS-890
98-000013-06 Relay Module, 24VDC, 3 Amp Output, Series 70, Type SM for MS-Connect 210 and MS-890
61-000127-02 Cable, MS-2 to MS-Connect 210, 6 ft
FIS-0001-0035G IC-332, Connects MS-2 to IB-131
99-000018-01 IB-131, Interface Box
98-000039-02 Kit, IB-152, DB25 Plug Terminal Block, DB25 Gender Changer
61-300026-03 Cable, Communication, DB-25 Plug to DB-9 Socket, 6 ft
61-100029-03 Cable, IB-131 Daisy Chain, 1 ft
20-500013-01 DeviceNet Protocol Box
61-000011-02 Cable, MS-820 to IB-131 (also use for MS-3, 4, 9, 710 and MINI Extension)
61-000151-01 Cable, MINI USB, I/O Breakout, Flying Leads, 3ft
98-000098-01 Kit, Quadrus MINI Diffuser
Power Supply
97-100004-15 Power Supply, 90-264 VAC,+24VDC USA /Euro Plug (only use with IC-332)
Mounting and Connectors
98-000048-01 Mounting Arm/Adapter Kit, 4 inch
98-000054-01 Kit, Mounting Stand Base Plate
98-000053-01 Extension Kit, 4 inch
98-000053-02 Mounting Arm Extension Kit, 3 inch
98-000060-01 Kit, Bracket, Side Mount
98-000059-01 Kit, Bracket, Angle Mount
98-000057-01 Kit, Bracket, Through Hole Mount
98-000088-01 Kit, Right Angle Mirror
20-610024-01  Trigger Connector, 4-pin Plug (screw terminal and field wireable)
20-610020-01 Power Connector, 3-pin Socket (screw terminal and field wireable)
Package Detector/Sensor
99-000017-01 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, DARK ON
99-000017-02 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, LIGHT ON
99-000019-01 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, Light On, 5VDC
37-000001-01 TOOLS CD, User’s Manuals, ESP Software
37-000003-01 TOOLS CD, EZ Trax Software